Laboratory for Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Kanazawa University金沢大学 理工研究域 機械工学系 材料工学研究室



〒920-1192 金沢市角間町 自然科学3号館Bブロック2階

3B214室  渡邊 千尋 教授
3B210室  國峯 崇裕 助教
3B211室  古賀 紀光 助教


Building B 2F, Natural Science and Technology Hall 3, Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa 920-1192, Japan

Room 3B210 Takahiro KUNIMINE, Assistant Professor
Room 3B211 Norimitsu KOGA, Assistant Professor



Master/Doctor course: Education policy, typical activity in the laboratory

At the beginning of the first grade, students decide their possible subject for the Master thesis after consultation with staffs. All the students must attend the two regular laboratory meetings. At the first meeting being held once a week, each student makes a presentation on the topics related to his/her research theme, and all attendees including staffs make the discussion. Also, the students report the current progress of research themes at the monthly meeting. Through such regular meetings, the students improve their skills of presentation, communication, and discussion. All the students are encouraged to attend the workshops/meetings of the academic association and international conference. Financial supports are usually available and determined by the laboratory meeting.
A personal working desk is available for every student. All relevant students of undergraduate, Master, and Doctor share the laboratory rooms and experimental facilities. Everyday free discussion on the topics related to research themes is strongly encouraged. Good communication with others is only a method to increase social skills. Present global society calls for communication skills. Thus, learning social skills is one of the essential objects of our laboratory.