8th Japan/Korea/Taiwan Joint Seminar
Tunnel Fire Safety and Management

Date : April 9-11, 2017
Venue : Kanazawa Bunka Hall 2F
Host : Fluid Science & Engineering Laboratory, Kanazawa University
Co-host : Tunnel Fire Safety Research Group


Japan, Korea and Taiwan have in common a geographical feature that more than half of the land area is mountainous, which needs many tunnels. Mass transport of goods and people on roads and railways supports the modern economy of these countries. Large fire incidents in tunnels and the subsequent closure of the route therefore could cause huge damages on both the people and thier economy.

Characteristics of a tunnel such as a long closed geometry, various inclination, natural wind through it and variety of vehicle fire scales make difficult to estimate smoke behavior in tunnel fires so that the strategies are also different from architectural fires.

Towards the Tokyo Olympic 2020, tunnels on Tokyo Outer Ring Road and other urban roads, large and deep tunnels for Chuo Shinkansen with SCMaglev are under construction in urban area. Fire safety strategies targeting for these new tunnels is significantly important issues. Now that more than half a century passed from the initial expressway construction in Japan, to investigate the fire safety strategy for the old tunnels which are not qualified with the present prevention disaster standard is also important.

We believe that we can overcome the difficulties gathering the wisdoms and experiences of researcher and engineers in various fields in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Hoping it to be helpful for this aim, we would like to hold the seminar.

Time table

Date Morning Afternoon
Apr. 9, 2017 Registration
Poster Session
Oral Session
Student Session
Welcome Reception
Apr. 10, 2017 Registration
Oral Session
Oral Session
Apr. 11, 2017 Tour Tour
Farewell Party


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of Tunnel Fire Safety and Management
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