8th Japan/Korea/Taiwan Joint Seminar
Tunnel Fire Safety and Management

About the seminar

The 8th Joint Joint Seminar on tunnel fire safety will be held from April 9th to 11th in 2017, in Kanazawa. The first seminar had been held in March 2010 as a joint seminar between Hoseo University and Kanazawa University in Hoseo University, Korea. In November 2010, the second joint seminar was held in Kanazawa, adding Taiwan National Central Police University and SFPE Taiwan Chapter, then Japan, Korea and Taiwan, three countries joint seminar started to be held. The third seminar in 2011 Autumn in Taipei (Taiwan), the forth in 2012 in Seoul (Korea), the fifth in 2013 Kogakuin University in Tokyo (Japan), the sixth in 2014 National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (Taiwan) and the seventh in 2015 in Seoul (Korea) have been held. Around 100 to 200 professionals attended every time in each seminar, which have been greatly succeeded and developed wider than before. In this time, we will hold the eighth seminar in Kanazawa in April, when is very beautiful the cherry blossom season.