Advanced Mechanical Engineering Course


“From Mechanical Science to new Nanotechnology”

This course emphasizes the core subjects of engineering such as mathematics and physics and aims to help students use the obtained knowledge and understanding as a basis to build up skills for higher mechanical sophistication and applications in nanotechnology. We hope this course will create engineers with skills, aspirations and passion to design new mechanical systems and pioneer new fields of Engineering.

Research keywords

System design, Mechatronics, Natural energy, Nanotechnology, Advanced materials

Research themes

Material processing is the basis of manufacturing, an essential stage for creatinga tangible thing. This course involves research on advanced processing techniques such as laser processing. Our research also focuses on the use of natural energy such as wind power and geothermal power generation, as the last remaining card for tackling global warming, one of the most urgent tasks that humankind faces today. In the quest for a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of Materials Science, our research focus has also expanded to microscopic nanotechnology, using our computer simulation techniques.

Fluid Engineering

Flow simulation around a vibrating circular cylinder with a finite length

The world of atoms

Atomic force microscope (AFM)

Science of Friction

Surface analysis equipment (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: XPS/ Auger electron spectroscopy: AES)

Optical metrology techniques

3D form measurement of a metal sphere, using optical interferometry

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