Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Course


“From optical technology to intelligent vehicles”

This course provides practice-led teaching with application of theories of Mechanical Design and Control. We encourage students to gain knowledge and understanding from the practical learning activities, and go forward to challenge themselves in new advanced fields such as Robotics and Aerospace Science, exercising what they have learnt and putting their creative ideas into practice to realize new inventions.

Research keywords

Intelligent control, Robotics, Intelligent vehicles, Laser engineering

Research themes

Our engineering research deals with issues around the exploration and utilization of outer space and developments in robotics, but we also aim at developing new fields of study that do not necessarily belong to the conventional Mechanical Engineering category; to name a few, development of an autonomous operation system for automobiles and new measurement techniques by means of lasers.

Laser engineering

Layered manufacturing process with metal powder


Robotic arm with variable stiffness, designed for household service robots

Intelligent vehicle

Development of autonomous automobiles that can safely drive themselves.


Hybrid parallel mechanism type machine tool that can process complicated shapes.

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