Human and Mechanical Systems Engineering Course


“From Human Technology to Bioengineering; seeking a fusion of machine and human society, making contributions to human welfare”

This course provides education about robots that are closely engaged in human life, medical and healthcare devices, equipment for nursing-care and welfare support, and mechanical design that is attributed to the study of the functions and systems of biological bodies and living organisms. We aim to prepare students for the creation of new mechanical technology that makes a lasting contribution to human welfare and the coexistence of humans and machines.

Research keywords

Bioengineering, Biomechanics, Robotics, Medical Engineering, Human support, Human support technology, Creative Engineering

Research themes

You will belong to one of our laboratories for your graduation research. Each laboratory in this course carries out world-classresearch in the following areas; mechanical design inspired by biological bodies and living organisms (Bionic Design), Robotics, Biomechanics, and engineering technologies applied to medicine (Medical Engineering). You will be one of our world-class researchers, and be engaged in your own unique research theme.

Human and machine

Development of a skiing robot and applications to human motion analysis

Human support

Mobile health monitoring system

Sports engineering

Analysis of curving ball trajectory (upper) and intelligent pitching machine (right)


Stress analysis of thighbone when inserting a head prosthesis

Learning from living organisms

Woodpecker’s shock resistance system

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