Energy and Environmental Engineering Course


“From energy and environment to Eco-technology. Seeking harmony between humans and nature”

Through teaching about new energy sources, energy conservation technologies, environmental engineering, theories of energy recycling and environmental management, this course provides students with the understanding and skills required for sustainable development of Mechanical Engineering that is safe and friendly to both human society and the environment.

Research keywords

New energy technologies, Energy conservation, Clean energy, Environmental machines, Recycling society, Eco-friendly materials

Research themes

In order to achieve “reduction of energy consumption and maintenance of economic growth”, the two contradictory demands of society, it is essential to have an understanding of energy circulation and an awareness of the impact on the environment when structuring a new system of mechanics. This course conducts research and development of new materials, methods for their processing and designing, development of freezing equipment and air-conditioning equipment, systems of energy and fluids, technologies to restore the atmospheric or water environment and so on, aiming to create “mechanical systems that harmonize with the environment”.

Energy conservation

Desiccant type air processing system that can be used with exhaust heat at a lower temperature

For a smoother flow

Research aiming at reduction of flow resistance using water repellent effects

Environmental conservation

Sterilization by Ultraviolet Photoelectron method combined with mist formation

Learning from plants

Development of a cooling system based on a new principle inspired by plants’ transpiration system

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