School Information

Outline of the School of Mechanical Engineering

Designing and producing imaginative and creative machines,
aspiring to achieve a career as an engineer
who contributes to human welfare worldwide.

In the industrial society of our time with ever increasing demands for sophistication and accuracy, Mechanical Engineering has grown in importance to be the driving force of technological innovation. The School of Mechanical Engineering gives you all the basic understanding and advanced specialist knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering. We prepare you for a career as a mechanical engineer or a researcher who is aware and able to act on the social missions and responsibilities of the field in the wide sphere of industry, whilst seeking harmony between the environment and human society.

Successful students at this school come with interests in Mechanical Engineering, in other words manufacturing, and a strong desire to contribute to human betterment. We seek to admit students who are interested in environmental issues, have global perspectives and high motivation to improve international communication skills. You should also be imaginative, creative, and keen to solve problems on your own.

The School for Mechanical Engineering offers the following four courses: (Links to the introduction page for the individual courses.)

Our educational system

Education at the School of Mechanical Engineering puts an emphasis on;