School Information

Greetings from the Head of the School

Toshiyasu Kinari, Head of the School of Mechanical Engineering

       In the department of mechanical engineering, we can learn the subjects which are necessary for designing the machine and make it really. There are a lot of machines around us, such as airplane, automobile, television and refrigelater. However, a lot of machines work around us as we imagine. Many things such as food, clothes, petbotle and so on are made by machines. We recognize that mechanical engineering is a very important subject in our society. As evidence, we notice that we have more than 1000 offers from big companies for only 150 students. The companies are automobile, electronics, steel, food, clothes, medicine and so on. The all students of our mechanical department can get job, who want to. Some of students are possible to do work at universities and institutions. Of course, it is possible to make companies.
       In mechanical engineering department, we study mathematics and physics as basic subjects. Based on these two subjects, we study fluid dynamics, material strength, vibration and automatic control. The stronger he is at math and physics, the more he will be known as a internationally know researcher. The mechanical engineering is very attractive department in the university for students who are good at studying math and physics in spite that this fact is not known generally. The department of mechanical engineering is open to both male and female students. Please pay attention to the department of mechanical engineering when you will go on the university.