1. Evaluation of the changes in physiological functions in response to behavioural and stressful conditions.
2. Non-invasive measurement and analysis of autonomic regulation of cardiovascular system.
Mechanical characteristics and remodeling analysis of ligament, bone and periosteum.
4. Measurement and analysis of osteogenetic strategies using mechanical loading and bone density.
1. Development of a new instrumentation for welfare and home medical care.
2. Unconscious physiological monitoring of body and excreta weights, ballistocardiogram, ECG, blood pressure, cardiac output and so on using instrumented home facilities (toilet, bed, bathtub, etc) without attachment of any sensors to the body and any measurement operations.
3. Development of a new monitoring system for evaluating human activities (human posutre, walking speed, etc).
4. Developments of life support systems (device for assisting sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit activities, hip protecter for reducing the risk of bone fracture, etc).
1. Developments of new methods for non-invasive and ambulatory biomedical measurements (blood pressure, cardiac output, arterial elastic properties and other cardiovascular variables).
2. Developments of non-invasive physiological measurements for blood oxygenation and oxygen metabolism in the local tissue.
3. Non-invasive glucose measurements with near infrared photo-spectroscopy.
4. Development of an automated venous blood sampling without pain.
1. Development of high-functioning biomedical materials based on biomechanical methods.
2. Development of biocompatible biochemical sensor.
3. Evaluation of biocompatibility for various types of biomedical materials.
4. Development of vessel wall visualization system for supporting surgical operation within a large vessel.